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Introduction of two factor authentication on HPC systems

Mo., 04.09.2023 08:00 – voraussichtlich bis Sa., 30.09.2023 00:00

Linux Cluster Höchstleistungsrechner

Dear users of the HPC systems at LRZ,

In order to improve the security of our HPC systems (LRZ Linux Cluster and SuperMUC-NG), LRZ has changed the authentication procedure on the login nodes of all HPC systems to two-factor authentication (2FA). As of September 18, 2023, the functionality is available on login nodes of Linux cluster, housed Cluster systems and SuperMUC-NG.

The previously used login procedure via single-factor authentication has been disabled! The access to the HPC systems is now possible only via 2FA!

If not done yet, please make yourself familiar with this new login procedure as soon as possible, set up 2FA quickly and test the procedure with your own workflows. Note that we support TAN-based authentication as a fallback, e.g. in case of a lost device.

For detailed instructions, please refer to our documentation:

2FA on SuperMUC-NG (if you are a SuperMUC-NG user)

2FA on the Linux Cluster and housing systems (if you are a user of Linux Cluster or of a housed Cluster system)

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