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Potential issues with the LRZ Linux Cluster System CoolMUC-2

Fr., 22.12.2023 15:04 – Mo., 29.01.2024 10:00

Linux Cluster

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Update January 29th

CoolMUC-2 is running stable again. Please test your jobs and report observations. Please check the HPC Status page for details.

Update January 19th

The functionality of CoolMUC-2 has been partially restored!

Update January 11th

Currently, the cluster can only be used with great caution and patience! The problems on CoolMUC-2 still persist. Jobs can still fail due to unpredictable behaviour of the cluster. All partitions of CoolMUC-2 are affected. It is also possible that only a subset of the compute nodes is available. There is no guarantee that jobs will run successfully. We kindly ask you not to submit incident tickets if you believe that the cluster problems are the cause of your job issues.

December 22nd

We are currently experiencing problems in some background services on the LRZ Linux Cluster System CoolMUC-2. Jobs may run into unexpected issues. Our administrators are working on the problem.

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